Sunday, March 6, 2011

Handover and flooring

Well it has been a very busy week since our handover last Monday. Its is a very nice feeling to have those keys in hand. Overall we are quite happy with the house a few little defects came out of the handover inspection but they should all be rectified by the end of this week.

Since handover I have had a solid week of laying our timber floors. I still have a bit to do but have taken care of the larger part of the work - Boral silkwood 'spotted gum' 100 m2 in total (note to self .... pay someone else to do it next time)

This is the week of the big move!!!


  1. Your timber flooring looks amazing! Makes me want to think twice about our stone tiles! haha (although we are getting timber in our bedrooms!)

  2. Good job on the flooring. Looks great!

  3. Timber floors look amazing! Love the colour variations in the spotted gum.