Saturday, February 26, 2011

Handover eve

After a week of bank hassles (they wouldn't issue the check until the site clean was finished) we finally have a cheque in hand ready for handover 8am tomorrow morning!!!

We called out to the house yesterday to do our own final defects check but the painter was still in there working away so looks like we will have to do it on the run tomorrow. None the less it was still the nice to see the house without the rubbish pile and porta loo out the front.

Note the painter having a rest in the garage :-)

Close up of our driveway aggregate

While we were out there we ran into the neighbour who had officially moved in that morning. They have installed the Boral 'Spotted Gum' floors that we are having and they looked great so we are quite happy with our selection. It is going to be a massive week for me installing our floors downstairs, with 100 m2 to lay this might take me a while :-) good thing i have the week off work.

Bring on 8am tomorrow!! 

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  1. So exciting! All the best for tomorrow. Must feel great to have that check in hand it like waiting for santa to come again?