Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bricking progress 2

Bit more progress with the bricks. The theatre and external speaker cables were installed today as well

The only view i can get of the solar panels is down the side of the rear neighbours house

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Friday, November 19, 2010

Roofing finished and more

We didn't expect to see much happening at the end of this week (Friday was a training day for all Plantation Homes employees). We were pleasantly surprised to find that this assumption was wrong!

Heaps has been happening! The roof is finished, the electrician and gas fitter have done their rough in/s, the downstairs gyprock has been delivered, the lower level walls have been wrapped in insulation, and the brickies have started on the columns and walls.

As far as services go we all we need now is for the audio visual cabling and they should be good to go with the wall linings.

They have also taken down the scaffold from the front so we can get a better view of the front of the house.

You can see the size of the bricked up feature columns

Now that the downstairs is wrapped in insulation we can start to get a real feel for the rooms!

Entry and study

Home theatre

The neighbours house is really coming along now. They are all bricked, mostly rendered and have all the gyprock up on the internal walls. Still seems that they are about 2 weeks ahead of us so I think ours is really going to come together quickly.

Neighbours house
The tree out the front is not looking very healthy - looks like we are going to have to give it some attention in order to save it.

Andrea tends to the garden

Thursday, November 18, 2010

'Indigo' facade

I thought it might be worth knocking up some basic 3D's showing the our house with the 'Indigo' facade.

The architectural cladding will be painted Taubmans 'Castanet' the front porch in 'Pebble bay' and the main house will be painted in 'Oak Flats'

The dark columns will be tiled in a charcoal coloured feature tile and the driveway will be done in a dark exposed aggregate.

We stole the design of the letterbox from a place up the road from where we are living at the moment


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Roof progress and more....

A fair bit has been happening since my last post.
  • The upper roofing is finished
  • The plumbers have done their rough-in
  • All the windows & external doors have been installed.
  • The photo voltaic cells have been installed on the upper roof for the solar power

Colorbone 'Dune' roof and gutters with 'Surfmist' fascia
Windows and doors installed

Particularly excited to see the timber stackers which will open up the main living area to the outdoors
Timber stacking doors to alfresco area

All the bricks are on site so hopefully we will see some walls going up now that the windows are in. (the neighours place is all bricked up so I am hopeful that the same crew will roll straight on to our place)

There is also gyprock on site. The electricians havent been through yet so the plastering might still be a little way off.

A big pile of gyprock sitting in the upstairs living area

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Roof has started

Well the frame is finished and all the fascias and gutters are on. Hopefully the roof sheeting will be on tomorrow.

All the bricks and our windows have been delivered to site so hopefully install of these wont be too far away

Heres the latest pics

Friday, November 5, 2010

Frame progress

Things have been going really well. We have had lots of progress again over the last few days. It is starting to look very much like a house now.

The upstairs framing is done and the roof trusses are sitting on the framing ready to be stood. There are still a few bits and pieces to be done but generally the wall and floor framing is complete as is all the structural steel work. We dont have a balcony as yet but we do have 2 massive blue steel columns to support it (as well as the roof)

Frame making progress
Lots of scaffold - our tree has survived so far
North East corner looking at alfresco and living areas
North West corner (the pop-out is for the kitchen)

Andrea was too scared to go up the ladder and have a look upstairs I will have to work on her. I couldn't resist so went up and took lots of photos to show her. All the rooms seem a good size and we should have some nice elevated suburban views.

View from our future bedroom deck (minus the porta loo :-))

Plantation have been really fast so far and they seem to be a popular builder. There are five Plantation Homes currently under construction in the estate! (we were #2) At least the estate will have a nice vibe as they should all complement each other and all PH's designs look good.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Slab is done

We went to have a look at the site tonight in the hope that we would have a concrete slab only to find that the slab was completely finished and the downstairs framing was up.

Framing started