Friday, January 28, 2011


A quick update... We now have kitchen appliances!

Kitchen has appliances

His and hers ovens :-)

Microwave and gas cook top (with wok burner !!)

Plus there is a dishwasher sitting in the pantry. Not sure what happened to the slide out range hood.

There have been some more deliveries in readiness for the the coming week/s. Hopefully we will see the plumber and electrician make an appearance this week. It would also be nice to see the carpenters come through and fix up a few bits and pieces as well.

Front door

Bath and toilets

Hot water system
 The painter has done a little more work

Front section and columns painted as per selection

Balcony columns painted and skirting tile installed

Seems one of the locals has offloaded last seasons clothes (wardrobe and all) in the builders bin out the front. You can also see some pink packaging which is from the insulation that has been installed in the ceiling.

Does this look like builders waste? I don't think so!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Render, garage doors, stone tops and handles

Plantation Homes have stayed true to form and we have seen lots of progress again. As you can see below the nice weather has seen the rendering completed and painted and the garage doors installed.

The stone bench tops have been delivered and installed. I had forgotten how massive the island bench top is! We could play pool on it :-)

Kitchen with 40 mm Quantum Quartz 'Ice' Island bench top
DEFECT!! Bit of a miss on the extent of substrate

Ensuite 20mm Quantum Quartz 'New diamond white'
- same tops are in Powder room and main bathroom 

I am so glad we decided to extend the garage as it gives us heaps more storage / workspace + we can get access to backyard for a trailer / boat etc. more so for resale than for us :-)

Panel lift door and motor for front

Roller door access to backyard

All the power points and switches have been cut out and the holes for the lights drilled. We have also had all our handles installed - Upstairs is really starting to look complete.

Looking from Family Room toward Master Bedroom
main bathroom and stairs are on the right, beds 3 and 4 are on the left

There has been lots of activity in our estate with about five new houses starting, all of them by Plantation Homes - must be a good deal they have going. This estate quickly is becoming Plantation Homes village!

They have made a colour error on the cantilevered upstairs extension over the garage. It is currently painted in surfmist (almost white) but should be in castanet (the dark colour). Thought I'd do some photoshopping to confirm our selection before making them change it. I think we are happy to stick with our original selection (see below).

Photoshopped with correct paint colours

Saturday, January 22, 2011

More paint, feature tiles and water tank

Well the tilers and painters have been busy again this week. Most of the tiling including the feature tiling has now been finished.

Most expensive tiles known to man between the mirrors :-)

Bathroom - shower feature band

Bathroom - bath hob feature

Front columns
 They have cut back the spine wall in the stairs to a rake. We are very pleased this has been done as it opens up the upstairs circulation space and provides more natural light down the stairs.

 The Alfresco stacker doors have been stained

Sikkens 'Walnut' stain on cedar doors
Two bored puppies


Cant wait to build the deck and open this all up. Now that the Goop is gone you can sort of see the kitchen beyond, the living room is on the right and dining is on the left.

 Looks like most of the painting has been finished downstairs but there is still a bit of tidying up to be done upstairs

Hopefully the stone guy realises that the island should have an overhang on the dining side as well as on the front. I am a bit nervous as the substrate has been installed flush to the cupoards on that side.

We now have a water tank. it has a small dint in it - wonder if I should raise this as a defect?
5000 Ltr water tank - wont take long to fill this up at the moment

Monday, January 17, 2011

Tiling to columns

 They have started tiling the columns to the front of the house


Looks like they have also done another coat of paint inside and some more paint externally including the alfresco soffit. Cant wait to get a new camera so we can get some decent photos

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Quick Update

Access to the office has been cut off courtesy of the Brisbane floods so I have unexpectedly found myself with some extra time on my hands.  I thought we'd utilise this and go check out to the house site to make sure that it wasn't under water (all is dry :-))

The site manager was at the house when we went out for a sticky beak. He was able to give us a brief update on what has been planned (this could change once the impact of the flood recovery becomes more apparent)

PAINT -   painters currently on site they need another week or so to finish
FRONT DOOR - scheduled for delivery i think he said 20th Jan
STONE TOPS - kitchen / vanity bench tops have already been been measured up and should be installed in about 1.5 - 2 weeks
FIX OFF -  plumber and electrician to start in about 2 weeks (they have to do the neighbours each side of our house first)
RENDER - when he gets a run of dry weather

I expect to see some delays from here on in as supply lines have been cut.

We are more than happy to wait considering that we have been lucky enough to escape the floods unscathed (despite losing power for a period - no biggie) which is much more than can be said for LOTS!! of the other residents of Brisbane (and the rest of Queensland)

A few current photos showing paint progress:

Friday, January 7, 2011

Painting started

Well I went for a drive to site myself this morning while AK had a sleep in expecting to see the house looking exactly the same as it did last week (given that Plantation is in its Xmas shutdown period).

Once again I was pleasantly surprised to find the painters working away (on a Saturday!!).

So this week, despite the holidays and ongoing rain (and flooding), we have had a big chunk of the internal painting done as well as more tiling to the walls in the wet areas. Looks like the electrician has also made an appearance to do some prep work.

Someone helped themselves to our camera on new years eve which was in AK's handbag (glad she left her purse at home) so I am relying on my phone camera for a couple of weeks while I look for a good deal on a new one. My apologies for the poor quality but here's a few pics of the latest.

Paint colour can be seen in fridge recess

Bathroom (shower)


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Landscape ideas

We have starting to collate some ideas into a landscape plan for the house. Looks like this will keep us busy for a big chunk of 2011 (and beyond :-)).

We need to have the front landscaping finished before we can officially move in so that will be first on the list.
Current state of the house 31.12.2010
Here are a few concept 3D's depicting what we have in mind. This includes decking, paving, planter boxes, swimming pool, water feature and a pergola structure. I have already started on the letterbox!