Saturday, February 26, 2011

Handover eve

After a week of bank hassles (they wouldn't issue the check until the site clean was finished) we finally have a cheque in hand ready for handover 8am tomorrow morning!!!

We called out to the house yesterday to do our own final defects check but the painter was still in there working away so looks like we will have to do it on the run tomorrow. None the less it was still the nice to see the house without the rubbish pile and porta loo out the front.

Note the painter having a rest in the garage :-)

Close up of our driveway aggregate

While we were out there we ran into the neighbour who had officially moved in that morning. They have installed the Boral 'Spotted Gum' floors that we are having and they looked great so we are quite happy with our selection. It is going to be a massive week for me installing our floors downstairs, with 100 m2 to lay this might take me a while :-) good thing i have the week off work.

Bring on 8am tomorrow!! 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Well we have a driveway !! Has been a bit touch and go with the weather but once again the builder has managed to come through with the goods.

Electrician has been and finished of his work, the window service has been completed and the flyscreens installed.

The final clean is booked for Friday in readiness for our 8am handover on Monday!!!  (subject to the bank getting their act together that is) Cant wait !!!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Finishing touches

Getting close now!!!

Since my last post we have had the shower screen added to the ensuite, the stair wall repaired and timber capping added, the rendering and painting finished, plumbing finished, mirrors and kitchen splashback installed. Also thousands of minor defects have been rectified so most of the little dots have now gone.

Not much to go....  the electrician still has a bit to do, a few handles have to be added to the kitchen and the driveway has to go in. We are also still waiting on our whirly birds.

Cant wait to see it all clean next week!

The painters are getting ready to move out!

Timber part of stairs have been stained

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Practical completion

Well this morning we received the date for practical completion!

So at this stage (depending on how quickly the bank can get things sorted) will will be finalising our account and getting the keys to our new home on 28th February (i.e. 2 weeks from Monday!!!)

Sooo much to do before then! Cant wait!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lights, sanitary hardware, shower screens and more

So the end  of this week has seen the following:
  • sanitary hardware installation i.e. towel rails, toilet roll holders
  • shower screen installed in main bathroom - we still don't have the frame less screen in the ensuite
  • more electrical work with most of the lights points going in - we are not going to get PH to install our proper light fittings, we will do these later on
  • more plumbing work including the connection of the rain water tank
  • the gas meter and telstra box have been installed
  • the gloss coat has been applied to the doors and trims
  • tiles have been installed below the ant capping to the feature columns, they have also started grouting these - very happy with the dark grout and edges
They have also started on correcting the defects there are hundreds of little green and red dots around the place highlighting issues. I am very pleased with how thorough they have been.

Shower screen to bathroom

Powder room

Bathroom WC
Towel ladder to ensuite

Tiled feature columns
Lots of batten light fittings
The garage is first room to be cleaned properly - note the mountain of skirting I will have to put in once the timber floors are done downstairs

Rain water tank with warning stickers
Utility connections

This week we have also decided on our carpet and the company to do the installation.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Plumbing and electrical

A quick mid week update. Getting so close!!!

The plumbers and the electricians have been busy here are some pics.

HWS connected - hopefully they have enough pipes :-)
 Sanitary fixtures and taps have been installed !

Powder room

Bath installed

Shower in main bathroom (with rain shower)

Wardrobes and linen shelves and hanging rails have been installed. They will do for now but we will have to replace these with something a bit better later on.

Bed 1 WIR

Typical bedroom wardrobe

Switches and power points have been installed. We don't have lights yet but they must be on the way as the electrician asked me some questions about them early this week.

Looking toward stairs

Clipsal 'saturn' light switches

The site has also been tidied up so the mountain of soil that was in the backyard is no more!

Cleared backyard

They have started to stain the front door. Quite happy with how it is looking.

Door is a bit hard to see behind the garbage pipe
AK ran in to the new neighbours before I arrived today and they were given their handover date 2 weeks ago (they only have another 10 days to wait - so lucky). I might start putting the pressure on Plantation to see if we can get our handover date as well.